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Mobile Web vs. Native Apps: Daniel Moderates

Yesterday I moderated a panel on mobile web vs. native apps, courtesy of Digital Media Wire's conference track at the National Association of Broadcasters NABShow conference in Las Vegas. Here's the session description:

Mobile Apps v Mobile Web: What's the Winning Formula? With the proliferation of the Apple iPhone and iPad, Google's Android platform and new Blackberry services, there has been an explosion of growth of mobile applications of all kinds. At the same, more consumers are accessing content through the "mobile web", i.e., sites created specifically for mobile devices and accessible through mobile browsers with no download or installation required, than ever before. With the huge buzz around apps it would seem that mobile applications are taking over, but the race is far from over. This panel will discuss the competing considerations in determining whether to go app or web. Will the "mobile web" eclipse "mobile apps" in the future? Who will be the winners and losers?

The session featured the following panelists:

The 8 iPhone apps I use most

On Mike Dariano

When John Saddington began crippling his iPhone it got me thinking about how I really use my iPhone so I began pruning it. I removed apps, organized, and simplified. Now I've done it again and am down to the 8 best apps I have and what I use them for. The background is a reminder of how I should live my life. Each time I see my phone I take one of those ideas and try to do it for the next hour, no excuses. @Buster created the original list, check it out then make your own.

1. I use phone for calls. Of the 8 apps this probably gets the least use.

2. Mail. When I began pairing down my phone for the second time I began thinking about what I could consolidate. I removed GoodReads and Facebook and instead use their email services and mobile sites to update, view and continue conversations.

3. Calendar. I see my wife's work schedule, plan our meals here, see my work schedule.

4. Music. I removed the Downcast app because I was more bored with podcasts and more interested in audio books and music. If you enjoy podcasts check it out.

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