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Fundraising Hacks: Interview with Naval Ravikant of AngelList

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This is the first of a multi-part blog post I'll be writing over the next week that will chronicle my experience raising a $1MM round for AppMakr.

I'll be sharing my learning and experiences as a first-time fundraiser out here in the Valley. My goal is to provide pragmatic tips to help other entrepreneurs understand the process and short-cut the time fundraising typically takes. Think of it as download that condenses 4 months of learning into a series of blogs you can read in an hour.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog if you'd like to get those future posts. Also, we're throwing a party to thank the investors who made this round possible, and celebrating the fact that over 1,000,000 people have now used apps made through AppMakr. RSVP here to join us on 10/28 at 6:30pm. You'll meet Mitch Kapor, George Zachary, Pietro Dova, Ben Narasin and other AppMakr investors.

For this first post, I scored an interview with Naval Ravikant, one of the co-founders of VentureHacks, which runs AngelList. AppMakr went through AngelList, and intros from AngelList were responsible for 54.5% ($545k) of the $1MM we raised. Needless to say, these guys rock. I'd also like to give a huge shout-out to my brother Sam Odio and amazing entrepreneur James Hong, both of whom intro'd me to Nivi & Naval of AngelList at the beginning of our fundraising process.

Here's the video with Naval:

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What is a Bond?

A bond is a loan contract, but more promiscuous: Some bonds get passed around ten times a day or more. But it's otherwise similar to a loan: You ‘buy’ the bond, or lend out your money, and will receive interest payments until the maturity date. When the bond matures you will receive your principal back.

When an entity goes bankrupt and tries to pay its debts, bondholders get paid before stockholders see a single cent- one reason why bonds are safer than stocks.

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