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SDK Adoption: Doubled Our Conversion Click Rates

I received an email from the CEO of another SDK-based technology company asking how we've been so successful getting developers to adopt the Socialize SDK.

I like to have conversations like these in public so that other entrepreneurs in the same position can benefit from what we've learned, and share their knowledge as well. What he's asking about is a very sensitive subject: Mobile app developers are already suffering from SDK overload, and the problem is just going to get worse before it gets better. Knowing how to successfully get developers to adopt and implement an SDK is a huge tactical advantage. Having said that, I'm not going to give away the many things we do at Socialize, but I'll give a bit of knowledge away in the spirit of doing so, and I'll hope that other entrepreneurs do the same.

First things first: For those of you who don't know the difference between an API and an SDK, here's a high-level analogy to baking a cake:

What Socialize has developed is an SDK that gives any mobile app developer the ability to drop social functionality into their app. I recently wrote a related blog showcasing how these social features can help any company create Instagram-type viral growth through social actions.

You're Deciding How Well You Want To Do It


Our story begins with Ciara Pressler going on a 16-mile run. It’s her best run of the year.

Her hypothesis?

She chose to run well today.

Ciara spent the night before visualizing having an energetic and successful run, and came to the start of it with that purpose and expectation. She was excited as she laced up her sneakers, and met her friends — fellow runners who can push the pace.

At one moment in the long run, Ciara thinks, “I want to fall behind.”

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