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Podcast Interview: Jim Hopkinson of WIRED

Daniel Odio gives tips and tricks for entrepreneurs!

Click to listen to "Episode 65: Interview Part 1" and click to listen to "Episode 66: Interview Part 2"

Jim Hopkinson, Wired.com's Marketing Guy and creator ofThe Hopkinson Report, recently interviewed me for his Hopkinson Report podcast. Here's a Tweet of Jim's about the Podcast, and another one about my social media hardware bag and another on my blog posting about how to hire people effectively.

Here is a transcript of the Podcasts

Owning Your Data - Replacing Gmail

On Shane Dowling's Blog

Gmail isn't secure or private, Google have admitted this. You simply cannot expect privacy from any service that you don't have control of. Thankfully your email doesn't have to be tied a mail service like Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft. You can simply roll your own email server with your own domain name and easily create an (admittedly minimalist) Gmail equivalent.

Before you start

If you think this guide is too complex, that's totally understandable. Running your own mail server requires a reasonable amount of technical experience. If you're interesting in getting away from a service like Gmail and want a good alternative check-out https://mykolab.com/. It costs around 10 bucks a month for 2GB of storage, which isn't too bad. If you think this isn't enough space, you could either pay for more or have a mail client like thunderbird offline all non-essential email to your desktop.

What you're not getting

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