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A Warning to Fortune 1000 CEOs: The Mobile Crush Cometh

CEOs are busy. It's easy to be distracted with competing priorities coming from all directions. But there's one darkhorse mega-trend that I believe will catch many CEOs by surprise, and even cause some of them be fired by their boards for missing it: The Mobile Crush.

Two years ago, I did an in-depth screencast describing why I believed mobile would be way bigger than most people realize. And now the crush is starting in earnest.

There's a great quote by Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga in an article today by the New York Times:

The Science of Social Games

On The Lottery

There are only two things that humans do on Earth: We work and we play. The latter is what we learn first — as children, we go outside, learn sports, and even pretend. In fact, humans are quite good at playing games and it’s been a central part of our evolutionary development. Science says so.

Today’s generation of players have migrated online and gravitate toward games specifically crafted for mobile devices.

MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe founded Los Angeles-based Social Gaming Network (SGN) in

2010 through a series of three strategic acquisitions. Each piece was acquired for what it offered the company as a whole.

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