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Learn to Sell Effectively

Let's face it, we all have to be salespeople in some aspect of life - most of us just don't like it.

There are some people - myself included - who do like selling.

A great salesperson is just about 180 degrees opposite from a used-car salesman. A great salesperson is a trusted partner in business. And if that statement sounds as strange to you as it does to most people, you'll realize how un-great most salespeople are.

First, let me tell you about my background. I was selling sodas to construction workers in my neighborhood when I was 8 years old. I sold candy bars on my school bus in high school. I paid for college by licensing the University of Virginia's "V" logo and producing Frisbees with the logo, which I sold in the school bookstores (my self-portrait, at left, with my Frisbees in the window of one of the bookstores, dated 1996).

I spent 4 summers at GE while in college, working as an intern in the telesales department, where I beat the sales numbers of some full-time salespeople, selling Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions to banks in Brazil. Since then I've been an Entrepreneur full-time; I've gotten massive amounts of press, including a cover in the Marketplace section of the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNBC, Forbes, TLC, Discovery Channel, CBS News & many, many others.

I learned that love is more natural to someone than to hate. Hate is usually taught in most cases.

On The Lovely Seahorse

More and more I feel like I'm getting closer to knowing my purpose. I wasn't too sure, still not too sure.. fully at least. But I know I just want more love, more love for everybody, I'm against all hate... I've learned to hate religion because I've learned the history of religion's relationship with separations, divisions, labels, force, who's better/ who's not, who's bad/ who's not/ let's judge them and throw stones at them type stuff.

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