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Hyper Efficiency 2.0: Updated Lifehacker Tips

2017 Update: I've created a "living document" version of these hacks so you can share your pro-tips, too. Head on over here to see the latest!


Three years ago, I wrote a blog post on being hyper-efficient on a computer -- or to put it another way, being so good on a computer that you play it like a virtuoso on a musical instrument. So much has changed in my daily workflow that I realized it was time for me to update that post.

The first order of business is that you can't improve what you can't measure. So if you're serious about being able to use a computer with the speed and zeal of Dash outrunning a flying saucer, first you need to find out how fast (or slow) you are today. Go over and take my GeekSpeed challenge. See if you can break the 1 minute mark.

If you can't, then here are some of the things to focus on to make the 8+ hours per day you spend in front of your computer much, much more productive:

The Onboarding Process 7 Steps To Turn Prospects Into Raving Fans

On Josef Experience Architect

Whenever a new prospect is first exposed to your brand or website, the goal is to get them to experience the key moment. This moment is the special value that only you can offer. This moment is what all great design and an experiences are about. Its the little bit of magic which puts a smile on your customers face. Your aim is to get them to this moment as quickly as possible. Once you have achieved that your next goal is to hook them on that experience. Turning casual users into a raving fan an amplifier, who can't help but tell more people and expose them to the experience you offer.

An example which shows the simplest path from awareness to experience is YouTube. This streamlined process was a key part of why it grew so quickly - no need to create an account, just a link and a video. The first time you were given a link to a YouTube video to actually watching it would be mentally imperceptible. By the time you understand the layout of the page and where the video is likely to be it starts to play.

At that point you get that special moment, the smile forms on your face. You can watch videos streamed online, which are reasonably fast to download, that's awesome. Then underneath the video and clearly visible, a commenting section where you can see what other people think. Along with a clear comment box encouraging engagement and account creation.

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