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Playing a Computer like an Instrument

Most everyone uses a computer.  But a few of us, well, we play a computer like an instrument.

If you're on a computer for 10+ hours per day, this blog is for you.

By "instrument" I mean we know the in's & out's of the device.  We know how to eek out maximum performance from it.  We're the people who others just look at in wonder when our keys fly across the keyboard.

If you've ever found it excruciatingly painful watching others use a computer because of how slow the person is, then you know what I'm talking about.

These are just my tips, but really, I'm writing this because I want to know about your tips.  I want to know what saves you time and makes you more productive.  So please post comments below.

Day 1....Rough Day For Everyone

On Hartford Chronicles

What was I thinking? Four kids and working full time from home. Did I really think I'd be able to squeeze in becoming a home schooling mom? I guess I did and here I am. I read books. A lot of books. I researched on the Internet. I talked with friends, acquaintances of friends, homeschoolers, teachers and, of course, my mom, all in an attempt to prepare for today. It finally came, and I have to admit, I felt wholly unprepared.

The kids are up at 6 and so am I. They had their list that we'd prepared the night before just to get us transitioned.

1. Wake Up2. Feed & Water the Animals3. Breakfast4. Astronomy Lesson 1 on iPad5. Practice Piano or Instrument6. Independent Art7. P.E.8. Eat Lunch9. Read10. Independent Projects / Geography Games

So, here's how the day actually went:

1. Wake Up - we're doing good!2. Feed and Water the Animals...pretty good except they forgot to let the dog out to the bathroom...3. Mom's still waking up and cleaning up from dog, she starts children on #44. Two start on the lesson, one has a meltdown because he has to choose 3 astronomers to investigate.5. Mom negotiates meltdown, makes breakfast and makes lunch for oldest who is finishing at public school.6. Two are done with lesson and want to know what to do next. One still having meltdown...breakfast is just about ready...it's time for Mom to go to her office for her other job......7. Children fed. Mom at computer. One sitting next to her still on lesson 1. Two starting art early.8. One finishes art, goes on to music. One still working on lesson 1. One still working on art. Mom gets a work call...9. Lesson 1 done by everyone! Hurray! Circle discussion on lesson 1. Not too bad, but learned that my 10 year old cannot subtract a 4 digit number when you have to borrow from an even 100 in the hundreds place. Really? 10. Music for remaining two. One (meltdown 'one') has meltdown #2. SIGH......11. P.E.!!! Hurray! We're all ready for some physical activity. We spend extra time here. Like 30 minutes playing ping pong after two rounds of circuits. Mom exhausted. Kids don't break a sweat. A little panic seeps in.12. Lunch - thank goodness for leftover Chinese and no cooking!13. Return to Art for Astronomy project. They don't seem very interested...darn it.14. Independent Reading (whew! Mom has some calls to make and a meeting to attend)15. Recess!!!16. Games and Projects..Mom catches up all work, writes her first blog and worries about tomorrow.

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