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Podcast Interview: Jim Hopkinson of WIRED

Daniel Odio gives tips and tricks for entrepreneurs!

Click to listen to "Episode 65: Interview Part 1" and click to listen to "Episode 66: Interview Part 2"

Jim Hopkinson, Wired.com's Marketing Guy and creator ofThe Hopkinson Report, recently interviewed me for his Hopkinson Report podcast. Here's a Tweet of Jim's about the Podcast, and another one about my social media hardware bag and another on my blog posting about how to hire people effectively.

Here is a transcript of the Podcasts

Seoul Eats Part One

On The Constance Chronicles

The Opening Act:

(Sausage, Potato Wedges, Doritos, Sour Cream, Sriracha, Garlic, Nacho Cheese, Mayo, Bacon, Jalapenos, Tomatoes)

Sol Bin's Super Dog is on the list of must eat food carts in Seoul, Korea. These outrageously delicious hotdogs match Sol Bin's charismatic and kind personality. Word on the streets is Sol Bin studied hotdoggin' in NYC under a primo hot dog chef. Whether this is true or not, who cares, there are Doritos sprinkled on this weiner. Sol Bin doesn't know his own menu so if you want to order something specific then you'll have to let him know. Otherwise, Sol Bin will gladly grill up a hotdog creation that will taste amazing. And if you are thinking what I think you are thinking while looking at this picture, then I will say, what's the point of eating a hotdog if you aren't going to poop your brains out afterward.

Location: Apgujeong’s Rodeo Street (behind 663-23 Sinsa-dong)

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