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Playing a Computer like an Instrument

Most everyone uses a computer.  But a few of us, well, we play a computer like an instrument.

If you're on a computer for 10+ hours per day, this blog is for you.

By "instrument" I mean we know the in's & out's of the device.  We know how to eek out maximum performance from it.  We're the people who others just look at in wonder when our keys fly across the keyboard.

If you've ever found it excruciatingly painful watching others use a computer because of how slow the person is, then you know what I'm talking about.

These are just my tips, but really, I'm writing this because I want to know about your tips.  I want to know what saves you time and makes you more productive.  So please post comments below.

Windows 8 (.1)

On My Ramblings

I haven't worked on Windows machines of a while now. The last time I owned a windows machine was when XP was still new and fresh. Ever since I've mainly used Linux machines with a couple of Macs thrown in.

To be honest, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. My firewall runs on a Linux machine but I rarely have to touch that. When I work in Photoshop I use the mac. When I do something on the network it doesn't really matter as I tend to use the command line so it doesn't really matter what system I use. Now that I'm doing more pen testing training the Linux machines gets a lot more of my time though.

Why am I telling you all of this? To simply give you some background information before going on to the next item on the list (and the headline of this article)... Windows 8(.1)!

I thought I would hate it! I've seen Vista on machines and didn't like that and from what I saw (screenshots, etc) I expected Windows 8 to be worse. And the thing is, it probably is. At the moment I'm freelancing for a company in the Netherlands and they "make" me use a windows system as pretty much their entire environment is windows based.

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