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Ten How-To Tips to Turn You Into the Coca-Cola of Personal Brands

I got to catch up with some friends this week while I was in Toronto for a mobile panel, and we started talking about the topic of personal branding.  One of my friends is a real estate agent, and the other is an aspiring actor (well, not so aspiring -- he spent all day on set today shooting a US-based TV show.  Turns out a lot of American shows are shot in Toronto).  Both of them want to create a strong personal brand in their respective fields.

Having started a real estate brokerage in the past, I have some great tips on how to create a successful real estate brand, and I believe in the power of personal branding.  So instead of sending a private email with my tips to my friends, I figured I'd write a blog about it in the hopes others can join the conversation about what's worked for them.

The State of Life Nomadic

On Tynan

Here's what's going on with Life Nomadic. The site still isn't ready, but it's getting close. I also said that it was close a month ago, so take that with a grain of salt.

The primary delay is that the site is being coded by hand from scratch. It's not built on wordpress, drupal, or anything else like that. Todd is custom coding it from the ground up. This means that it takes a lot longer to get ready, but will also be way more advanced than any other site like it.

The second delay is that we basically did zero work for two weeks while we went everywhere in Panama. Can't say I regret that at all.

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