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Evolution of a Startup: Lessons Learned

I was recently approached by a friend in the venture capital industry who asked me to write about my experience as an entrepreneur and transplant to Silicon Valley.  Here's the resulting transcript of our discussion.  I'm publishing it in the hopes that it helps other entrepreneurs, as well as those who haven't yet taken the leap but want to.

Can you tell me about the fundraising cycles your company has gone through?

We began in Washington D.C. in 2008 in a townhouse on Capitol Hill. It was a terrible time to fundraise due to the financial crisis, so we self-funded a mobile consulting firm called PointAbout which built mobile apps for large brands, including Disney, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Newsweek, Cars.com and many others.  That firm quickly grew to over 30 employees (and a much nicer space in DC -- although still a townhouse!)

Max/Msp to make games

On Game Audio Talk

I seriously think that Max/Msp is unappreciated for it's ability to make computer games. I am not suggesting that it is suitable for making AAA games at all, however for the indie game developers I feel it is being overlooked. Especially with its recent development of jitter functions, you would think more indie developers and hobby developers may consider using max/msp.

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