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How I Moderate Panels + Previous Panel Examples

Here's how I like to moderate panels: (I might send you this link if you're a panelist on an upcoming panel I'm moderating)

Here are some of the panels & presentations I've participated in or moderated:

CTIA Founder talk at Twilio 2015 | Changing the Conversation: Should Mobililty Rewire Your Social Strategy? 2013 | Keynote + Mobile Outlook 2013 | Digital Hollywood 2012 | How Mobile Disrupts Social As We Know It 2012 | Mobile Marketing: Beyond The Hype 2012 | Designing for Mobile Apps 2012 | Tablets & Media Panel at Canadian MUsic Week 2012 | Keynote at MobileX Cincinnati 2012 | 'What's App' Panel at NTCA 2012 | Dept of Homeland Security Mobile Panel at CES 2012 | LavaCon 2011 | Napa App Economy Event 2011| VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2011 | Disruptathon 2011 | Startup Mixology 2011 | Digital Media Conference 2011 | NAB Panel: HTML5 vs. Apps 2011 | Cliff Notes on Raising Your First $1 Million Through AngelList 2011 | Mobile Outlook 2011 | Intel AppUp 2011 | Mobile Outlook 2010 | Politics Online 2010 | Digital Hollywood 2010 | Social Media Outlook 2010 | American Marketing Association - Social Media 2010 | Digital Media Conference 2010 | SD Forum - Fundraising 2010 | Digital Media Conference 2009 | NVTC - Equal Footing 2008

You can find my bio here, which includes hi-res photos of me as well as the Socialize founding team.

A few niche Social Media Networks and a new platform for DJ's!!

On Social Mediatrics

Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are Social Media platforms are targeted for a wide range of users and fulfills various purposes like business, keeping in touch with family and friends, social games, etc. But there are very few social media networks which are niche and are targeted for a particular group of people.

The best part of niche social networks is that the take the targeting and segmentation is taken care of and a Social Media Marketer doesn't have to worry to find the right audience. So for example, if your business sells product for mothers and you're a marketer you could find a targeted audience at CafeMom- which is a hub for mothers. That is so easy, right? You could find more potential clients here than on a wider platform like Facebook or Twitter. So it is better to have a look first at some of the niche social media networks rather than a larger audience.

Some of the niche social media networks are:

1. Instagram: Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. It allows to snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. It imagines a world more connected through photos. It portrays talent by a photographer or who are interested to take photos.

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