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The Evolving Definition of "App"

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, and a recent post by Bill French of iPadCTO spurred me into action.

It's been interesting to experience the changing definition of an "app".

The most popular definition of an "app" is native software that typically runs on a smartphone, and most commonly the iPhone.  It's compiled software built using ObjectiveC in X Code, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Mac OS X.  If it sounds complicated, that's because it is - developers who have the ability to build "apps" are in high demand these days.

But the line that defines an app is being massively blurred.  Take for example, OpenAppMkt, run by my friend Teck Chia, which packages "web apps" into an "app store".  These aren't apps in the traditional sense -- in fact they're just websites packaged up to look and feel like native apps.

But what Teck and many others are doing gets to a fundamental tenet of the allure of apps:  while you browse the web, you don't own the web.  Being on the web is a very nomadic experience.  You visit your favorite sites, then you visit other sites, but there's very little sense of ownership on the web.

Windows RT 8: The apps which you need.

On TechWalkTheWorld..

Forget what you think you know about Windows RT, the media have been on a witch hunt and in the process misled the consumer about this Operating System and the hardware which runs it.While you can read more on why i think thiselsewhere on this blog. this post is about Windows RT Apps and what works.

While it may not have all the abilities of its sibling to install apps on the Desktop, this is still a Windows machine with the ability to connect to mapped drives and mount lots of external media. While you could do all this management from the desktop explorer RT is about the apps. What this app offers above many of the others is its simple layout which makes dragging and dropping files between mapped folders easier.

It's worth noting if you do want to see a nas drive as a mapped drive for example, you'll need to do the actual drive mapping (for now) in the Desktop explore app. However once done you can create links within this app to any sub folder.

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