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How I Moderate Panels + Previous Panel Examples

Here's how I like to moderate panels: (I might send you this link if you're a panelist on an upcoming panel I'm moderating)

Here are some of the panels & presentations I've participated in or moderated:

CTIA Founder talk at Twilio 2015 | Changing the Conversation: Should Mobililty Rewire Your Social Strategy? 2013 | Keynote + Mobile Outlook 2013 | Digital Hollywood 2012 | How Mobile Disrupts Social As We Know It 2012 | Mobile Marketing: Beyond The Hype 2012 | Designing for Mobile Apps 2012 | Tablets & Media Panel at Canadian MUsic Week 2012 | Keynote at MobileX Cincinnati 2012 | 'What's App' Panel at NTCA 2012 | Dept of Homeland Security Mobile Panel at CES 2012 | LavaCon 2011 | Napa App Economy Event 2011| VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2011 | Disruptathon 2011 | Startup Mixology 2011 | Digital Media Conference 2011 | NAB Panel: HTML5 vs. Apps 2011 | Cliff Notes on Raising Your First $1 Million Through AngelList 2011 | Mobile Outlook 2011 | Intel AppUp 2011 | Mobile Outlook 2010 | Politics Online 2010 | Digital Hollywood 2010 | Social Media Outlook 2010 | American Marketing Association - Social Media 2010 | Digital Media Conference 2010 | SD Forum - Fundraising 2010 | Digital Media Conference 2009 | NVTC - Equal Footing 2008

You can find my bio here, which includes hi-res photos of me as well as the Socialize founding team.

What You NEED to Know About Mobile SEO

On Zach Browne

Mobile search engines have various bots and algorithms than those utilized for conventional internet search. They evaluate your web site as if it was being rendered on a mobile phone, and they rank outcomes partially according to how well the page will render on the kind of phone that submitted the query. In the event you look inside your log files, you are able to see that Googlebot-Mobile has various user agents that spoof various phones, such as a Samsung phone, an iPhone or an Erickson phone. In certain instances, different devices will present different search results according to the evaluations that Google makes with the various user agents. The very best thing you are able to do to enhance your mobile search engine optimization would be to make sure that the mobile crawlers and user agents figure out that your content will render well and load rapidly on any mobile phone.

Because the mobile search engines aren't as finely tuned as the conventional engines, they're still placing a heavy weight on a website's mobile bounce rate, utilizing the mobile visitors as barometers for how the web site renders on their phone. This, once more ought to reinforce the require for great mobile rendering. Here's how you are able to enhance mobile rankings and mobile rending of your web site.

One of the very best things you are able to do to enhance your mobile search outcomes is follow conventional Search engine optimization greatest practices as closely as possible. While mobile bots and indexes are various from internet search, things like title tags, heading tags and alt tags are still very important.

In the event you have done a great job on your conventional Search engine optimization, the first step would be to create a secondary mobile style sheet for your conventional site, and call it handheld.css. This will allow you to format your existing pages for viewing on a mobile phone without having to create separate mobile content. It allows you to leverage the Search engine optimization value that you already have on your existing site without creating new pages. You are able to use the mobile style sheet to block things from becoming rendered utilizing a display:none attribute in the stylesheet. Mobile phones (except iPhones) will automatically pull the handheld style sheet.

iPhones are bit various, and do not look for mobile handheld style sheets. To address this problem, you ought to duplicate your handheld sheet to create one that is specifically for the iPhone, and call it iPhone.css. Even though the iPhone is meant to render full internet pages, research has shown that people still prefer mobile-formatted content on iPhones. In some instances, mobile search engines will want to rank a conventional page, but deem it ill-suited for rendering on a mobile phone-sometimes even if it has a mobile-specific style sheet. In these instances, the mobile search engines will rank your conventional content, but transcode it for viewing on a mobile phone.

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