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Uber: Me and my Driver... ish.

I needed to get from our office at 153 Townsend St over to Kicklabs at 181 Fremont St.  In the elevator on the way down, some colleagues suggested I try Uber.

I'd ridden in their pedicabs at SXSW and figured, why not, so I installed the Uber iPhone app and asked for a driver.

Sofian showed up 4 minutes later in a cream colored Lincoln Town Car (the only cream colored executive sedan in the Uber fleet, he proudly informed me).  He was super professional and friendly.  The ride cost me $20 -- about 4 times what a cab ride would've cost, so as a cash conscious startup founder I won't be using Uber on a daily basis, but when it's raining out and I can't find a regular cab, or if I'm with clients, then no question, Uber is awesome.  And Sofian said he exclusively gives rides through Uber, meaning the startup has uncovered an AirBnB-like way to create entirely new type of taxi-plus type service.  Very impressive.

Two Kinds of Businesses

On Tynan

A few weeks prior I was at an airport, desperate for something to eat. I got a poor quality sandwich at an above average price. I paid, and it served its purpose: to make me stop feeling starving.

When I visited Haiti I was staying with a couch surfer. My bus arrived just as dark was rolling in. I had my host's phone number, but I didn't have a usable phone. I was the only tourist on the bus (meaning the only white person), and I hadn't heard anyone else speak English. A cabbie spoke in broken English to get me to ride in his cab.

"Can I use your phone?"

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