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Some Big Thinking about small phones

Being embedded squarely in the middle of the fast-growing mobile revolution, our company has a unique perch which I've wanted to codify into a vision document for some time.  I finally found time to do it, and the resulting video is below, along with the slides below that.  I'd love your thoughts & comments on what points you agree or disagree with, and why.

Here's the video:

If you want to play the video faster, say at 1.5x speed, you can download it from the vimeo site (here's where you download it from).

Here's the transcript:

Mobile to TV needs to be the next big "thing"

On TechWalkTheWorld..

With the huge shift from keyboard to touch in the last few years the iPad, Smartphone and Tablet computer have turned the complex desktop computing metaphor which befuddled most users to the point of only understanding Outlook, Windows and Word into devices grandma and grandpa are actually happy to pick up and communicate with the grand-kids because its easy...

The new era of computing is all about being mobile, devices have 10hr battery life, they are 3G and 4G and designed to be used on the go with the cloud, and free

That is until you want to put the content from your mobile device onto the TV

Now I'm the first to admit that it is possible in a locked in world to use technologies such as Apple Airplay or Google's Chromecast. These are however proprietary systems locked into Apples iDevices are Googles Chrome OS/Browser and don't work at the family gatherings.

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