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Sexy Geek Sheek: Custom URL shortener + CloudApp Vanity URL

Aah, such a small thing, yet so satisfying:

If you've read my blog much, you probably know I often go by "DROdio".  I bought the domain drod.io and hooked it up with CloudApp, so now when I take a screenshot, it automatically gets uploaded + hosted on a custom URL.  For example:  I'll take a screenshot of me creating this blog post, and here's the resulting image, hosted by CloudApp: http://drod.io/1U1L0B3s2c261f1w2n1o .

And here's a custom URL on Bit.ly using Bitly Pro: http://go.drod.io/fqMLvq

If what I'm saying is confusing, just watch the video below to see both of these in action!

Guide to Performing Basic SEO

On Zach Browne

This guide will take you through the basic steps of performing SEO on your website.

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Brainstorm broad terms that are related to your business, products and services. These words are going to build your keyword core that you will further use to create a list of keyword phrase combos to optimize your site for.

Good keyword tools:

Keyword suggestion tools

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