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Sexy Geek Sheek: Custom URL shortener + CloudApp Vanity URL

Aah, such a small thing, yet so satisfying:

If you've read my blog much, you probably know I often go by "DROdio".  I bought the domain drod.io and hooked it up with CloudApp, so now when I take a screenshot, it automatically gets uploaded + hosted on a custom URL.  For example:  I'll take a screenshot of me creating this blog post, and here's the resulting image, hosted by CloudApp: http://drod.io/1U1L0B3s2c261f1w2n1o .

And here's a custom URL on Bit.ly using Bitly Pro: http://go.drod.io/fqMLvq

If what I'm saying is confusing, just watch the video below to see both of these in action!

Getting a High PageRank Backlink on Flickr

On Zach Browne

Flickr Take a screenshot of the page you are trying to get a link for with a tool or by just holding down Ctrl+Print Screen and pasting it into Microsoft Paint and saving as a .jpg. Upload the screenshot to your Flickr account and in the description put a link to your page with HTML but make sure to add a description that does not make you look like you’re trying to get a link. Something like “Check out my new article about ….., what do you think?” Copy and paste the URL of the photo to pingoat.com and ping it.

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