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Some Big Thinking about small phones

Being embedded squarely in the middle of the fast-growing mobile revolution, our company has a unique perch which I've wanted to codify into a vision document for some time.  I finally found time to do it, and the resulting video is below, along with the slides below that.  I'd love your thoughts & comments on what points you agree or disagree with, and why.

Here's the video:

If you want to play the video faster, say at 1.5x speed, you can download it from the vimeo site (here's where you download it from).

Here's the transcript:

Do I keep learning Facebook or move on to learning basics about Slideshare & Google +?

On The Tense Bat

How the heck did I become a doctor who learns to use the Facebook Ad manager?

I never used Facebook for personal purposes...never liked the sound of it and prefer to keep my life a little more private. A platform meant to help you be as visible as possible to the world -- or worse yet, to advertisers -- makes me nervous. (I haven't converted my personal gmail account to Google+ because I don't want to give up Picasaweb albums in its old format.)

However, I have health-related information that I want to share with a certain kind of person...namely, the kind of person who will appreciate it and be able to put it to good use.

But if you build it, they don't necessarily come...unless you learn to build that minimum viable audience.

So. Despite my best efforts to avoid Facebook, it was pointed out to me that this is the most-used platform for my target audience.

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