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Exclusive Peek Inside Tesla's Model S and Model X

This weekend, Telsa held an exclusive Model X preview for reservation holders. As the CEO of a mobile startup, I have mad respect for Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla. Here's a guy who, after starting and selling PayPal, started not one, but two companies with prescient timing: Tesla and SpaceX. As gas heads towards $5/gallon (with the imminent threat of shooting up higher) and the US retires its Space Shuttle program, Elon's two startups are positioned perfectly. For more background on Tesla, take a look at the blog post I wrote after touring the Tesla Factory.

Critics are raving over the Model X. As someone who's passionate about cars & motorcycles and hopeful for the future of electric vehicles that perform as well or better than their fossil fuel burning brethern, I was originally a reservation holder for the Model S. When I saw the Model X, I immediately swapped my reservation out. Now I'm #486 on the list for a Model X. You can get a reservation of your own here -- it's a $5k refundable deposit. Your only risk, really, is that Tesla doesn't stay viable as a company, but as someone in the tech industry, I really believe in Elon, his vision, and his ability to execute. I'm willing to take that risk.

Beat the Burrito! (My personal 'analysis' of Tesla stock)

On The Tiny Octopus

Recently a bunch of analysts have put out some really lowball price targets for Tesla Motors stock (currently trading at 139$ down from 155$ a few days back). One of them even gave off a price target of 50$ despite the fact that the company just blew away Q2 projected loss by actually making a profit. The negative criticism from a bunch of wall street analysts is there calling the stock overheated, overstretched, over-whatever etc.. just google 'TSLA stock'. Sure the spike to 155 did not last long and was a bit exaggerated but this was followed by a dip to as low as 138 today. 138 - it's pessimistic value a week before even BEFORE news of the projected loss into profit became public last week. All in all wtf mate? If everyone else can put out lowball figures based on their analyses then it's time for me to have my own day in the sun as well!!! 25-45$ was the price of Tesla stock for 2-3 years BEFORE IT EVEN MADE ANYTHING TANGIBLE. How does one come up with 50$ as their price target? Hell would freeze over, thaw, then freeze again if we hit 50 anytime soon that isn't a major bankruptcy event for the company. If you want to put out lowball 50-60-86$ lowball figures then just tell the truth - you think the company will belly flop and go bankrupt like all the other EV companies. Don't insult our intelligence with your chicken little valuations. Financial trolling at it's finest :D (and ironically they will claim it's not trolling it's the truth - and I agree - I've been labelled a troll for speaking my truth before). Anyways Ford and GM and all the other auto companies have 20-30$ stocks because yeah they went bankrupt or close to it in case anyone forgot (back when 'too big to fail' was a meme). Totally different game and all but enough of that - time to play karmic mirror again... Time for the most oddly practical and unscientific analysis of Tesla stock to date (well hopefully so as many analyses seem to have come close with their SOLE focus on x cars this x cars that...) It is time to...


My valuation of Tesla Motors in the future will be a price above and beyond $404.64. How did I come up with such an exact valuation for a price target to beat? Consider the figure below:

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