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CMOs: Stand Out In The Mobile Engagement Crush

This week, Facebook Home, an Android app that will change a user’s phone home screen and core features, will make its consumer debut. 

Facebook's Home initiative is the latest salvo in the mobile engagement battle, which has been looming since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, although most are just becoming aware of it now.  In fact, the 'engagement crush' is just beginning and will get much worse in the next few years.

This issue is so significant that CEOs and CMOs of Fortune 500 companies are going to find their jobs in jeopardy if they don't take immediate and decisive action to launch a meaningful mobile strategy for their companies.  Many companies mistakenly think their businesses do not have anything to do with mobile, but that's incorrect:  Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are the way consumers and businesses will interact with brands and each other. This means that every business needs to have a coherent mobile strategy that at its core considers how its customer base will want to interact with it using mobile devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Have they got it right?

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Microsoft are a late comer to the Tablet 2.0 market which was opened by the Apple iPad and have had a hard time if you read the popular press getting this format right. In an attempt to converge the same experience across Phone, Tablet and Desktop the huge changes to the Desktop alone have brought the claws of Users and Reviewers alike out.

The Gen 1 surface gained a lukewarm welcome and was generally seen as being expensive, underpowered and cumbersome. However as a Gen 1 user of a Windows RT tablet the cut down version of the Windows 8 OS a few things have come to light.

The press was wrong, very very, very wrong.. Windows 8 is a touch interface and on a tablet it works, and it works VERY VERY well. As a hater of Windows 8 on the Desktop this suprised me, however it really shouldn't have. Microsoft designed this as a touch interface and bolted on the keyboard and mouse. Most peoples first experience with Windows 8 is on a Desktop PC and that's doing the platform no favours at all. Touch and Click are not the same thing..

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