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CMOs: Stand Out In The Mobile Engagement Crush

This week, Facebook Home, an Android app that will change a user’s phone home screen and core features, will make its consumer debut. 

Facebook's Home initiative is the latest salvo in the mobile engagement battle, which has been looming since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, although most are just becoming aware of it now.  In fact, the 'engagement crush' is just beginning and will get much worse in the next few years.

This issue is so significant that CEOs and CMOs of Fortune 500 companies are going to find their jobs in jeopardy if they don't take immediate and decisive action to launch a meaningful mobile strategy for their companies.  Many companies mistakenly think their businesses do not have anything to do with mobile, but that's incorrect:  Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are the way consumers and businesses will interact with brands and each other. This means that every business needs to have a coherent mobile strategy that at its core considers how its customer base will want to interact with it using mobile devices.

Mobile to TV needs to be the next big "thing"

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With the huge shift from keyboard to touch in the last few years the iPad, Smartphone and Tablet computer have turned the complex desktop computing metaphor which befuddled most users to the point of only understanding Outlook, Windows and Word into devices grandma and grandpa are actually happy to pick up and communicate with the grand-kids because its easy...

The new era of computing is all about being mobile, devices have 10hr battery life, they are 3G and 4G and designed to be used on the go with the cloud, and free

That is until you want to put the content from your mobile device onto the TV

Now I'm the first to admit that it is possible in a locked in world to use technologies such as Apple Airplay or Google's Chromecast. These are however proprietary systems locked into Apples iDevices are Googles Chrome OS/Browser and don't work at the family gatherings.

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