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Post-Deal Best Practices In the Socialize Acquisition by ShareThis

This post is a work in progress, since we’re just now selling our company Socialize to ShareThis. I also wrote about how the experience feels, and what getting a deal done is like.

One of my goals is to ensure a successful outcome from the deal. I'll start by defining what I mean by "successful outcome:" That the combination of the two companies produces more value together than we would have been able to achieve alone.

The first thing I did was start writing an Integration Document with my co-founders when we signed the term sheet. This document laid out the specific goals of the acquisition, the resources we had at our disposal, and the key items we would need to request to achieve those goals. Once we had co-edited that document in Google Docs to a point where we were all satisfied with it, I shared it with the ShareThis executive team.

I had already discussed and gotten agreement from Kurt, the CEO, on what the main goals of the acquisition were pre-term sheet. In the integration document, I outlined how we were going to prioritize those goals, and what resources we were going to put into them to achieve the goals.

Marketing rookie mistake #1

On Linus Rylander

Doing stuff without understanding why.

A few months ago there was a post on a moderately popular marketing forum asking something about email marketing service providers, and AWeber specifically. There were questions on pricing and if there were some free alternative available.

The forum poster also asked what he should send to his list. What would he write in the emails?

Errrrghhhh. That's completely back-assward.

My point was this: If you don't know what you're gonna write, don't start building your list.

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