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SOMAcentral Startup Space in San Francisco

UPDATE:  As of March 1, 2013, SOMACentral is moving to a new space (and we are too).  Here's a first look.


PointAbout just signed a lease for office space in San Francisco.

We're just getting one office to start, so we have a presence out here. The place we picked is SOMAcentral, a brand new startup-friendly space right next to the AT&T Ballpark, in the SoMa district of San Francisco.

I was so impressed with the space and the concept that I wanted to share it with other entrepreneurs. Here are some pictures of the space, and I even made a video. Here are the deets:

Quora post: How do I get where I want to be?

On Isaac Lewis

I came across the following question on Quora:


I'm a 24 year old british software engineer.

I love my job, and enjoy working for my current company I work for but I'm constantly thinking I want to make something people will love and go out on my own.

All I read on the internet is "quit your job and start your idea" and other outrageous statements.

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