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OneMarket Startup Space in San Francisco

I've written about other cool SF-based startup spaces before, including SOMAcentral and StartupHouse.

Sick co-working space in SF: StartupHQ

Last July I visited a new startup hacker space called "StartupHouse" and I wrote a post up about it because I thought it looked really promising.

My, how things can happen in the span of 9 months. It's been re-named "StartupHQ," with StartupHouse becoming the hacker hostel next door (bunk beds or regular beds, cost around $30 to $50/night.) StartupHQ is not just promising -- it's looks amazing for small startups and for events (max 150 people, they say).

Here's what the space StartupHQ looked like when I saw it originally:

Here's the exact same space today:

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