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Inspiring young entrepreneurs at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Last week I spoke at TJHSS&T's Future Business Leaders of America club -- about 100 students who are not only science and tech geniuses at the #1 high school in the US, but also very interested in business and entrepreneurism. Thanks to Mayank Jain for the invite to speak -- I graduated from TJ in '94 and my brother Sam graduated in '03, so it was nice to be back, especially since we both live on the West Coast now.

I captured the content from my talk, titled How To Get What You Want, but the Kodak zi8 camera I use and love melted down during the event, so the audio gets very choppy very quickly and the video plays at 2x speed (sigh). Here are the slides, though, and you can still watch the video to get a feel for what the event was like. (You can also watch a previous talk I had at TJ where the video did work.)

Here's the video:

Go Big or Go Home - Succeeding in the Art World


My friend Joshua Spodek was kind enough to write about his experiences building out public art exhibitions. One of the lessons he has is counterintuitive - that it can be a faster path to success to get large art projects off the ground than it is to work your way slowly through the art world. Here's Josh -

Art can be an insular field and breaking in is a common challenge, so I'd like to share it with a community that values success and victory. I hope there are insights others can use and share too.

My background is in science and entrepreneurship, but I've developed a passion for making art. I'm not content with just creating it -- like any artist I want exposure and recognition (sales aren't bad either).

The challenge is that New York's art world is notoriously xenophobic and tends to promote from within. My credentials -- a PhD in astrophysics and a company running for over a decade -- mean little to them. Even making great art only gives a foot in the door.

I have a huge challenge that my work doesn't photograph at all and video doesn't capture it that well. When galleries take an interest in my work, a version this conversation happens:

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