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Litmus Test: Can You Be an Entrepreneur?

I get people all the time who tell me they'd like to be entrepreneurs.  Often they have this wistful look in their eyes, as if to say "I would but..." and the "but" is often the list of obligations that is keeping them from doing it.  Family.  Mortgage.  Kids.  Job. Etc.

I've devised a litmus test to help those people, and anyone else, figure out if they really do have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  It's easy, costs $100 or less, and you can do it in one afternoon.  Think of it as being an entrepreneur with no strings attached; no long-term obligations.  You'll find after this experience that you're hooked and you love it, and you want more of it, or that being an entrepreneur isn't for you.

So here's the litmus test:  Go to Costco (if you don't have a membership, a friend surely does) and buy one of their discount ticket packs.  You can find these for restaurants, museums, ski lift tickets, movie tickets, football games, golf courses, spas, and gyms.  Pick the one you're most familiar with.  Then, go out and sell them for more than you bought them for, and see how much margin you can make.  It's that easy.

In fact, it doesn't even really matter if you only make a few dollars doing this - it's the experience of buying the items at one price, then selling them for more, dealing with inventory, convincing people to buy what you have to sell, etc. that matters.

Here are a few examples & ways you could do it:

Free samples sites

On The Magnificent Butterfly

Hello, its been a while. I have been very busy. I started school again last week. Got my first Influenster VoxBox.... enrolled as a BZZAGENT and as a Swaggable member... all of this send free samples of products free of charge for you to try based on questionaries that you fill out they find products that suit your taste.

If interested in joining any of this here is a linke for each one of them:

Influenster I posted the badge to it a few posts earlier

Swaggable http://swaggable.com/how-it-works

Bzzagent https://www.bzzagent.com/member/TellAFriend.do

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