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Using Geeky Tools to Plan for Our Birth

Sue is 37 weeks pregnant, so we're spending our weekends really getting our ducks in a row.

Since Sue and I come from the tech world, it's an easy leap for us to use geeky tools to plan for our birth.

One example is Basecamp, a project management tool we use for work projects. Although I've written about my pains using Basecamp over on my tech blog in the past (http://go.DanielOdio.com/basecamp) , it continues to be the best lightweight & effective project management tool we've found.

So, we figured, why not use it to plan our birth?

Here's a screenshot of what our Basecamp birth project looks like, with some notes:


On Tynan

When you're on the road for this long you get good at rationing. In our case, that applies to batteries and to food. I just last week ate a vegan food bar that I bought in LA in the beginning of March.

We don't plan far ahead, so we never know exactly when we'll be able to buy acceptable food. Batteries are the same way. We're on a 32 hour train ride that spans two nights from Saigon in South Vietnam to Hanoi in North Vietnam.

It's the second night now, so it's time to burn off my batteries which I haven't really used much of yet.

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