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What the interest graph has in common with fire, cellphones and microwaves

It's hard to over hype the significance of the interest graph, once you really understand its magnitude.  On the flipside, it can be confusing to hear people talk about the interest graph without knowing what all the fuss is about.  (As background to this blog post, you can learn about the origins of the interest graph in this slideshare document and this Quora Q&A post).

I'm going to lay out an argument for the interest graph and its significance on the very fabric of our lives.  And make no mistake -- I am indeed saying that the interest graph is a really, really big deal -- one that sits right beside other life-changing inventions and discoveries such as fire, language, the printing press, human powered flight, antibiotics,  cellphones, and of course, microwaves.

Let's start by really defining what I mean by 'interests' and how they apply here.

Will “Places” make Facebook the ultimate data collection platform?

On FredRanger

Well it’s fair to say that recent Facebook announcement to add a localization services to their social media platform did create a buzz around the world wide web and offline too. Knowing that Facebook will now have the ability to not only track interests, “likes”, sexual orientation, etc. but also track real-time human behaviors with millions of people around the globe. Imagine the possibilities when you think about it one second. First, Facebook is darn good at crossing large quantities of data to offer really targeted advertising options to their clients, that we know. Now with Places, they will be able to add in a real added value by knowing where people hang out, eat, shop and with who they do that with. Sound scary? I don’t think so, this day and age as shown us that people are willing to provide that level of detailed info because they see the value of connecting, sharing and participating in such networks. Now we all know that Foursquare is having great success in doing that, but the difference here is the number of people involved and the interconnectivity with other Facebook apps.

We live in a very interesting world now days my friends and we are seeing unprecedented levels or interactivity between technology and humans or it may just be that people are no longer using technology to connect, they connect trough technology without even noticing!

I'm interested in knowing if you think Places is the next big thing and if people are going to continue using “smaller” company services like Foursquare and Scavenger? Don’t forget to leave a comment!



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