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SOMAcentral Startup Space in San Francisco

UPDATE:  As of March 1, 2013, SOMACentral is moving to a new space (and we are too).  Here's a first look.


PointAbout just signed a lease for office space in San Francisco.

We're just getting one office to start, so we have a presence out here. The place we picked is SOMAcentral, a brand new startup-friendly space right next to the AT&T Ballpark, in the SoMa district of San Francisco.

I was so impressed with the space and the concept that I wanted to share it with other entrepreneurs. Here are some pictures of the space, and I even made a video. Here are the deets:

Our Simple Home

On Exactly

Our first month of living in Cohousing has gone swimmingly! I have a post brewing about the fun stuff we've been up to already, but first up- some pictures of our minimalist-ish home.

This home is much bigger than anywhere we've lived before and I was more than a little nervous that it would be quickly filled with stuff and all my efforts to downsize over the last few years would be for naught. I worked my bum off before we moved getting down to the bare minimum so that we'd truly end up with more empty space in this house instead of more space filled with stuff. Unpacking was the easiest it has ever been. Completely unpacked and set up within two days, and those days were pretty leisurely. Not a single junk box of random stuff I didn't know what to do with; that's a mighty fine accomplishment! I still dream of a tiny home and am sure I'll have one someday, but right now with three adults and an almost 13 and 9 year old, it's perfect.

Onto the pictures-

The front door is just to the left of the window. There's a couple hooks on the wall where we stash our sets of keys. If I can't make it all the way upstairs with my purse it goes on a hook in the pantry closet. The large basket on the floor is where shoes are put immediately upon entering. The rainbow painting was a house warming gift when I moved into my first apartment twelve years ago. I love it and think it's perfect in the stairwell. The yellow and light is this part of the house is so dreamy.

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