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Teaching Entrepreneurism in DC Schools

As part of my efforts to foster entrepreneurism in the Metro DC area, I've gotten involved with a stellar organization called NFTE (the Network For for Teaching Entrepreneurship), which focuses on encouraging young people to be entrepreneurs (mostly high schoolers, I believe).

I recently visited Ms. Gloria Taylor's class at Eastern High School in Washington, DC (located in NorthEast DC) to talk to her students about what being an entrepreneur is all about.

NFTE has a textbook that teachers can follow and a course curriculum that spans the school year where the students create a business plan and compete in a competition.  The winners then advance to regional and national levels.

College works?

On Chasing a New Dream

I recently started seeing the images above from CFNC.org (College Foundation of North Carolina) on billboards in North Carolina. "College works" is the slogan across all of the billboards. It seems the discussion about college is changing.

In the past most of CFNC's adds have focus on letting students know that college is more accessible than they think. They have always advertised the importance of college as well, but I think these billboards point at a subtle but important shift. The discussion around college seems to be changing and apparently CFNC's ad department agrees.

The question these billboards are trying to address is does college work? If I want a good job do I need to go to college? Will going to college help me earn more money? Will going to college make my life better?

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