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East Coast vs. West Coast: The Odio Brothers' Story in the Washington Business Journal

Brothers Daniel and Sam Odio say D.C. doesn't sate entrepreneurial needs

Herndon natives Daniel and Sam Odio share a last name, two alma maters and a gene for entrepreneurial risk-taking. Each brother has created a well-known, successful tech startup , mobile app builder PointAbout Inc. for Daniel, picture-sharing company Divvyshot for Sam.

But only one Odio brother stayed in D.C. Sam left in 2009 for a sunnier West Coast startup climate.

Sam's success out West, however, now has Daniel on the verge of following his younger brother to California: His company PointAbout , though still headquartered in D.C. , is putting down Western roots as well.

The Ladies' Room

On Tynan

Ok, serious question here: what would happen if I started habitually using the ladies' room? I'm sitting at JFK airport right now, and I just went to the men's bathroom. It's filthy. I mean filthy filthy.

Some of the displays of filth are so bad that I can only assume people have never used toilets before. Everything is in the wrong place.

I don't understand how it happens. Are these accidents? Do people enjoy displaying their work for the next guy?

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