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Lock & unlock your door using your iPhone, with Lockitron

We just moved into SOMAcentral, which is a hot startup space in SoMa for 40 startups, most with private offices.  The fine folks over there offered us a sweet way to lock & unlock our office door - a new YCombinator-funded startup called Lockitron (no info on their public website yet).

They have an alpha product that connects an iPhone app up to the door lock, allowing us to lock & unlock our office door from anywhere in the world.

It's pretty amazing and it's brand new; you won't find anything on the 'net about it yet, but it's real and we are using it!

Below is a video of Lockitron in action.  If you're interested in getting this set up for your home or office just contact me and I'll introduce you to one of the founders.


On Sleepless in Durham

I didn't know Cameron well, but I was asked to photograph him toward the end of his days. He and I had met before, and he seemed aimiable and very friendly in passing, but working with him closely in this photo session I realized, even in our short time together, how special he was, and what a great friend he was to those who knew him well.  Cameron's life embodied the phrase, "You lucky dog!" He was truly blessed to have Bonnie as his human mom and Tamara as his human aunt.

I am very sad not to have known Cameron better.   It was an honor to photograph Cameron, and I only wish I had been able to photograph him before his illness as well as in the throes of it.

Cameron will always be with those who knew and loved him.

Here are a few images of Cameron. 

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