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Sam Odio sells Divvyshot to Facebook

A HUGE congratulations to my brother Sam Odio, who just yesterday sold his startup, Divvyshot, to Facebook.

Sam has been working hard on Divvyshot for the past 2 years. He was initially funded by Paul Graham's Y Combinator fund (a micro-fund approach that I consider to be a new, and better, model of VC funding). In fact, here's an early video he and his friend John put together when applying for Y Combinator (only a prototype of the actual service existed at that point).

Sam and his team will be moving over to run and grow Facebook Photos. The most amazing part of all this to me personally is that Sam is now going to be able to affect the way 400 million Facebook users interact with one of the most popular features in Facebook. Just amazing.

You can read the articles on Mashable and Techcrunch by clicking on the images:

'Cliff Notes on Raising Your First $1 Million Through AngelList' Keynote + Panel

I recently gave a keynote and was a panelist at Potomac Tech Wire's "Seed and Early Stage Funding Outlook:Raising Capital For Startups" event at the Ritz Carlton in McLean, VA.  You can see the handout I used during my talk at left (click to download PDF).

For those who attended the event, AngelList has graciously allowed me to give away their 90 page e-book titled "Pitching Hacks," their 1,396 page "Venture Hacks Bible" and their sample cap table, which together usually sells for a combined $47.

Below is the full agenda and video.

Seed Stage Outlook 2011 is part of the Potomac Tech Wire breakfast series that brings together senior executives in the Mid-Atlantic to discuss technology issues in a conversational, roundtable environment moderated by the editor of Potomac Tech Wire. The two panels at this event will focus on seed-stage and early-stage funding from the perspective of both entrepreneurs and funders. In addition, a DC-area entrepreneur who recently raised $1 million from various angel investors through AngelList will give a brief presentation on his successful fundraising.

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