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Daniel on 'Future of Advertising' Panel at VentureBeat's MobileBeat Conference - DROdio

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Stellar dcMOMO Event: Digital Media and Mobile Content

I'm back in DC from SF for a week, which coincided with a dcMOMO event which I attended last night. Mad props to Suni Vaidya for building up dcMOMO (the DC chapter of the international Mobile Monday organization). She's recently brought Oren Levine from Nokia, Hans Horn from Millennial Media and Kate Kingberger from CTIA on as board members. As a past board member before I moved to SF, I have a deep personal affinity for the group and continue to support it and its objective of educating audiences about the power of mobile within consumer and enterprise spaces.

The event last night was around Digital Media and Mobile Content. Here's the event description, and a video of the event is below:

Moderator: Jeff Tennery, SVP, Publisher Services, Millennial Media

The First 14 Days: What I've learned about taking photos

On The Best of Sett

I recently wrote a post about how I'm learning to take insanely great pictures. This is the first follow-up community post on that topic, with more to come as I learn the ropes.

First things first: I'm already taking better pictures than I ever have before. So even with just a bit of motivation, the right camera, and some patience, you can definitely take pictures that are orders of magnitude better than before.

I'm not yet taking world-class pictures -- I know that will take years of practice -- but as an example, here are a few of the pictures I took this past weekend at a friend's wedding:

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