DROdio http://danielodio.com A Sanctuary for Founders and Entrepreneurs en-us Wed, 19 Jun 2019 06:17:28 +0000 http://sett.com Sett RSS Generator Illinois tool works, working with Tesla advanced fastening technology http://danielodio.com/community/64573 As the director of innovation for metal fastening in our automotive businesses I am interested in networking to get some contacts for a factory tour regarding assembly methodology. Any leads would be appreciated

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Urban Airship CMO Throws Support Behind Apple Passbook http://danielodio.com/community/42584 This seems to validate Socialize's ad network strategy.
"Urban Airship recently started to heavily invest in Passbook. The firm bought marketing firm Tello last year. Tello is the creator of a platform called PassTools that allows companies to create a Passbook pass without having to write code.

The company's chief marketing officer believes that Passbook can rejuvenate the coupon marketing strategy. In his presentation he called out coupons as one of the least effective forms of marketing. He based that belief on the manual nature of coupons."

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What is the current best deal for unlimited 4g data on a laptop? http://danielodio.com/community/91010 Hey there,

Been out of the mobile loop for a very long time - still using a flip phone! Anyway what carrier is the best for getting Unlimited 4G data on a laptop (if there is such a thing)? I am looking at Sprint as they have Unlimited Data and maybe there's a way to tweak that into a laptop connection (as that plan only has 5GB of Mobile Hotspot). Are there any other options besides the big carriers? I took a look at Republic Wireless but it seems like a gamble given the high base prices of the phones. Thanks!

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DROdio vs. Dan http://danielodio.com/drodio-vs-dan If I directed you to this post, it's probably because you referred to me as "Dan" rather than "DROdio". (Don't feel bad about it, it happens all the time -- that's why I made a blog post about it. Lots of people still call me "Daniel" as well -- especially people who hav]]>

If I directed you to this post, it's probably because you referred to me as "Dan" rather than "DROdio". (Don't feel bad about it, it happens all the time -- that's why I made a blog post about it. Lots of people still call me "Daniel" as well -- especially people who have known me a long time-- which is fine, too).

Here's why I prefer DROdio: My full name is "Daniel (pronounced "dahn-yelle") Rubén Odio." I'm a first-generation American; my father came to the US from Costa Rica when he was in his 20s. I've lived in both Spanish and English speaking countries, and not only do I speak Spanish with my kids, but we've also named them with the same initials. So we're a tribe of "DROdios."

My initials, "DROdio" let me share my cultural background as a part of my name, and make me think of my kids each time I hear my name, which is one of those little things in life that's unexpectedly enjoyable.

PS while you're here, you might enjoy checking out some of my other blogs:

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blacklist startup - Coming in Silicon Valley http://danielodio.com/community/53620 Hi guys,

After reading most posts on this Blog I felt like contributing too as I liked the quality and the insights we get here.

As a fellow Entrepreneur, I'm reaching you to tell you a story is about giving "The power to the People", with a bold approach:

A Startup called Blacklist

Blacklist empowers consumers to react and impact by Blacklisting brands & products they dislike or had a bad experience with.

Blacklist megaphoneIt's effectively the Digital Megaphone for people to react on their consumer experience, leveraging their voice.

Thus the slogan and the book I wrote 'The Power to the People' to explain the big idea behind it. ie: Defensive Marketing opportunity for brands to manage their image online.

Here's the demo of the web app.

I just moved in San Francisco with the aim of meeting awesome people that can get excited by the opportunity and share the vision to jump on board to build this web app with me. In other words, as technical co/founder

I'd love to meet and discuss all this further with people that find this exciting.

Have a great one .

Best regards, Val

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Mon, 22 Apr 2013 20:32:45 +0000 http://danielodio.com/community/53620
Blacklist Startup is ready http://danielodio.com/community/54673 You should also go check o]]> Hey guys,

I want to share some exciting news: We just released the beta version of Blacklist.
Check it out here: http://www.blacklist.co/members.html
You can now start Blacklisting brands & products you dislike or had a bad experience with.

You should also go check out this Startup competition for this "Tech Cocktail" event to vote for the "Hotest San Francisco Startup" http://tech.co/who-is-san-franciscos-hottest-showcasing-startup-poll-4-2013-05

Please vote Blacklist so I can have a chance to pitch it at this cool event and share it along so we can push up the votes.

Let's share the news.
Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

Best regards, Val

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I'm thinking about hosting an under 25 freelancer meetup in San Francisco? anyone interested? http://danielodio.com/community/1060940 I'm thinking about hosting a under 25 freelancer meetup in San Francisco, would anyone be interested or know anyone that might be interested?

I want it to be structured so that everyone who attends will be discussing in depth about their freelancing and actually engage in conversations to help eachother and talk about their freelancing experiences.

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Kelly Dempski, partner at Accenture, talks about social within the Fortune 2000 http://danielodio.com/kelly-dempski-accenture

Earlier this year, I attended an Accenture event for Silicon Valley founders discussing social within the enterprise.  I just realized I hadn't posted my video of the event. 

Here's the transcript: Kelly Demspki, partner at Accenture, talks about social within the Fortune 2000

Speaker 1: To put this a little bit in context, if you think about Accenture and our clients, most of you probably know, we’re a global company. We have clients in about 120 countries. We’re about $25.5 billion in revenue. We essentially work in management consulting, which is my area, technology services and outsourcing as well as business process outsourcing. So our clients are essentially the Forbes Global 2000, plus about another thousand very large enterprises and government agencies and organizations. So that’s the context if you think about the kinds of issues we think are relevant to those kinds of organizations.

Kelly’s a partner [inaudible] San Jose office. In addition to working on the vision, he leads our enterprise social media innovation center in San Jose. [Inaudible] He’s worked a lot on the vision. Kelly, I’m going to turn it over to you. Thanks.

[Audience applauds]

Kelly Demspki: Good evening. Yeah, Tim took all my jokes [inaudible] so if you’re tweeting or [inaudible] person without any slides at all, and if I sometimes refer to this [inaudible].

[Audience laughs]

So as Tim said, I’m Kelly Demspki. I work out at San Jose. I spent around 14 years over in our lab in Chicago and about three years in our lab in the south of France, and about a year ago, I moved here which is interesting because this is obviously the heart of [inaudible]. But, basically, my role within Accenture is to lead our technology lab here in San Jose or here in Silicon Valley and a lot of time both in San Francisco and in San Jose. And I also lead an R&D group, called Digital Experiences, which focuses on a lot on technologies that customers touch in one way or the other. I spend a lot of time on social media and related topics.

And so today I’ll talk about the vision, and I’ll basically walk through the vision in a slightly different order than what you see in the materials. Basically, I’ll walk us down the staff, talk a little bit about customer experience, talk a little bit about the data side of things and then finish off with a brief point about security. One thing I’ll say real quick is that this is normally about an hour or two worth of presentation, and [inaudible] ‘til I’m done so please be nice.

[Audience laughs]

No, I’m going to try to cover everything in about 15 minutes, but also, what’s interesting about this is, speaking to a few of you and looking through the [inaudible] materials, before this talk, I’m realizing that a lot of the things that I may talk about are things that will not be terribly surprising to some of you. But I look at the technology vision really as serving two functions. One is we have a number of clients for whom the material that I’m going to talk about is very, very new in some cases. But the flipside is this is an interesting [inaudible] for people who this is not new for, it’s always good to remind people that there are other people in the world who find this very novel and may need help understanding.

I spoke to someone just the other day, a fairly very senior person in the company who basically asked me if social media was all just rumors and stuff and why bother [inaudible].

[Audience laughs]

So just with that in mind –

[Someone in the audience says something. Audience laughs]

The first topic we’ll be talking about in the technology vision is context-free services, and this actually came about as a way to talk about mobility because, it’s interesting, the last year [inaudible] in 2011, we also did not have the mobility topic. But if you ask people [inaudible] mobility as one of the topics. And the reason we didn’t do that is because we thought technology has really moved past the point [inaudible]. Being mobile is no big deal, right? We all have iPhones and iPads.

[Someone in the audience says something]

But the active mobility itself, being mobile, is a technology [inaudible] wasn’t terribly novel from a technology perspective. But what was happening was basically a maturation of [inaudible] services, maturation of how people use mobile devices and other devices toward things like [inaudible] or for consumers. But also you have the same thing where someone who has an iPad, what some people refer to as a mobile device, but yet in my house there’s an iPad that never leaves the room anymore. So how do you deal with that?

So we [inaudible] as a set of services that had a good sense of what context you were in, what you wanted, who you are, how we could best serve you at any given moment based on all those factors. And so one of the things that my group has been working on in the labs is using the fact that you have a very, very colorful multi-sensor computer in your pocket that is also tied to things like your social network to better deliver those services to you. Let me give you an idea.

So when we talk about context-free services and knowing who you are and what you need, think of it this way: your phone in your pocket is tied to your social network. How many people are on Facebook? Just to help me understand the audience a bit.

[Audience raises their hands]

Okay, so for those of you on Facebook, Facebook is really the first time that your profile is online. It’s the first time that you are you online. Think about it. For a number of years, I was kelly.dempski@gmail.com but it could have just been [inaudible] craigsmith@gmail.com, captainyahoo@gmail.com, whatever else, right? There was no sense of who I was and what I did, my history and so on. Now, with Facebook, you see that I’m part of Accenture, you see my educational history, my work history, my interests, my friends, etc., etc., etc. And that’s tied in with a lot of the services that you may use on a mobile device. Now, if I walk into a store, if I have an app that knows I’m in the store and it knows that I am someone from Accenture, it can start to show me products that have been bought by people basically in my area, maybe my income range. It seems that would be much more colorful than the same one that’s in the personal mail [inaudible].

The other thing too is that you can start to tie the mobile device in with things like my online browsing history and say, “Oh, Kelly was online at steward.com. He looked at these things.” Now, [inaudible] about what I may want to try to sell him when he’s in the store. This is not rocket science but imagine how far this is above most people’s in-store experience.

Now, go one step further and say, “Well, I know who Kelly is. I know he’s in store. I know what he’s browsed for.” And now I can do crazy things, like saying, well, [inaudible] influential, right? So maybe I want to give him a deal. [inaudible] and tell everybody else [inaudible]. And then you go one step further than that and say, “I know the guy is influential and I know I want to give him a deal.” Well, there are a lot of things that you can … well, let’s do [inaudible] 10%. There’s only so far you can go with that, but another thing you can say is, “Well, Kelly has an Xbox.” So if I’m at a store like Best Buy, there’s racks of music, there’s racks of Xbox games, there’s racks of whatever that are basically sitting dormant. So offer me a free Xbox game, offer me a free heavy metal CD, offer me whatever else. You’re going to get rid of basically dormant inventory and you’re going to give me maybe the equivalent of 15% to 20% off. [Inaudible] There are really kinds of things you can do about bringing a bunch of different sources [inaudible] together and serve me any given content in my mobile device. Of course there are equal stories for things like iPad where, while I’m watching TV in the living room, serve me better based on that [inaudible].

And then finally, [inaudible] about business to consumer. Imagine the case of a field worker in the field and being able to say, okay, I have this person [inaudible] this piece of machinery, he’s supposed to be here at this point. He has a history of fixing [inaudible] what sorts of training, what sorts of connections, what sorts of feedback [inaudible]. So anytime you can register context and [inaudible] you’re better off.

The second topic is on social-driven IT, and this is something that I spend a lot of my time [inaudible], and the fact that there are many, many different IT systems that now can and should take advantage of various [inaudible]. I’ll give you another example. There’s a person I was talking to the other day and he said, again as I mentioned, “Well, social media, isn’t this just [inaudible] talking about stuff and gossip and rumors and … Who cares? Why would you read this? Isn’t this just a fad?”

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Is there a TextExpander for iPhone? http://danielodio.com/community/is-there-a-textexpander-for-iphone One of my colleagues at work just asked:

Is there a tool like TextExpander for iPhone?
TextExpander app for iPhone

BUT there is an alternative -- a great hack that my wife (who used to be a mobile product manager) showed me awhile back.

The iPhone has a (very hidden) "shortcuts" menu. Here's how to find it:

Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Shortcuts

Here's how to create shortcuts:

Here's what it's like to use it:

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hello Daniel http://danielodio.com/community/38304 My name is Mercedes and I am from Argentina. I haven been struggling with launching my app since is for spanish speaking users from all over the world. I was wondering if you have ideas of how to find a co-founder who speaks spanish and how to raise money while you still have a job. Thank you so much and I really admire your work!

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Fri, 02 Nov 2012 22:40:18 +0000 http://danielodio.com/community/38304