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Deconstructing AngelList: How to Optimize Your Funding Profile

AngelList is a platform that connects entrepreneurs to angel investors to raise seed stage capital.

Out of the $1.5 million dollars in angel funding we've raised for Socialize, over $1 million came from introductions made on AngelList.  We were very early AngelList users under our AppMakr brand, with Brendan Baker doing a detailed analysis of our use of AngelList in his Anatomy of a Seed project.  I also wrote a lengthy manifesto about our fundraising experience, and when AngelList was very new I interviewed Naval Ravikant, one of the AngelList founders.

Recently, using AngelList has changed the way I've been fundraising.  Where traditionally, I've had to dedicate a block of time to fundraise full time, I can now fundraise passively, meaning just by focusing on having an optimized AngelList presence and a few specific techniques, I don't have to spend blocks of my time finding high quality angels.  That is a game changer for us -- fundraising is an incredibly distracting process, and it's especially hard to innovate and iterate on your startup when you're distracted by bolstering the company's bank account.  Being able to have angels come to me has given me a freedom as an entrepreneur that's just fantastic.

As I was talking to my friend Ben Young, CEO of Nexercise, about this sea-change in fundraising, I offered to critique his AngelList page to help him optimize it for this type of inbound passive investment.

How can you utilize #SocialMedia to find a job?

On Social Mediatrics

With the increase of Social Media over the years, professional networking has become important and it is the best way a person can find opportunities or land at a job. With Economic depression across the world, people think twice to leave a job or be worried to get slashed from a company as Blackberry announced recently. Thus with Social Media on the rise and present everywhere, people can utilize their skills on different Social Media Networks or design a creative resume to get noticed by employers. One of the examples of a creative resume was done by Eric Gandhi where he made Google Themed Resume on LinkedIn. It created a buzz in the Internet world and was noticed by Google which landed him to a job interview.

While some might not be as creative as him or think it is way too much, there are other ways which you can wear your tie neatly and polish your shoes and a potential employer can hire you through a Social Media network. The number of employers hiring people through social media has been increasing every year.

According to the survey in 2012, 92% of companies have used some form of social media network to find talented professionals for hire. 7 out of 10 employers successfully hired these candidates through social media. And a recent Social Recruiting Survey conducted by Jobvite, 94% of the HR and Recruiters feel that Linkedin is the best platform to find potential employees. Thus, it is easier for a job seeker to find a job and get noticed than it was earlier.

If we compare these the above two infogrpahics, the best Social media Networks for Recruitment are:

1. LinkedIn 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. Blogger or Wordpress 5. Google+ 6. YouTube

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