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Podcast Interview: Jim Hopkinson of WIRED

Daniel Odio gives tips and tricks for entrepreneurs!

Click to listen to "Episode 65: Interview Part 1" and click to listen to "Episode 66: Interview Part 2"

Jim Hopkinson, Wired.com's Marketing Guy and creator ofThe Hopkinson Report, recently interviewed me for his Hopkinson Report podcast. Here's a Tweet of Jim's about the Podcast, and another one about my social media hardware bag and another on my blog posting about how to hire people effectively.

Here is a transcript of the Podcasts

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On grow

Welcome to grow!

My name is Natasha and I am using this little corner of the wonderful wide web to share my unconventional musings pertaining to biblical scripture. I have a B.A. in Religious Studies, having focused on the Christian Tradition by specializing in Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew. Does that make me a genius? No. Does that make me right? No. But what it does make me is curious, and I think that is a vital trait when it comes to reading the bible.

grow. is a safe place for asking hard questions about the biblical text. grow. is a community - your community - where you can bounce ideas off of a supportive sounding board. grow. is for encouraging all of us to read the bible, not because it makes us more religious or faithful, but because we should know what it says for ourselves and not hear it second hand.

So, if you're new here, a couple things you can do:

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