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Some Big Thinking about small phones

Being embedded squarely in the middle of the fast-growing mobile revolution, our company has a unique perch which I've wanted to codify into a vision document for some time.  I finally found time to do it, and the resulting video is below, along with the slides below that.  I'd love your thoughts & comments on what points you agree or disagree with, and why.

Here's the video:

If you want to play the video faster, say at 1.5x speed, you can download it from the vimeo site (here's where you download it from).

Here's the transcript:

Sencha Touch : Coding Guidelines

On Sencha Touch

You get lots of Sencha tutorials all over the web but a very handful of them actually teach you how to follow specific guidelines while developing a medium level Sencha project. Often I see Sencha Touch projects from different programmers with hardly any planning and architecture of code and hence an absolute unmanageable code base. So, here I am listing some simple Sencha Touch coding guidelines following which will greatly help you manage your Sencha Touch apps:

1. Always have a Utility file

It is recommended to always maintain a Utility file in your application. Here we can manage all general information like API url details, function to handle errors, showing alert messages etc. You can make it a singleton class and put it in a separate “util” folder under “app”.


Ext.define('App.util.Utility', {

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