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Some Big Thinking about small phones

Being embedded squarely in the middle of the fast-growing mobile revolution, our company has a unique perch which I've wanted to codify into a vision document for some time.  I finally found time to do it, and the resulting video is below, along with the slides below that.  I'd love your thoughts & comments on what points you agree or disagree with, and why.

Here's the video:

If you want to play the video faster, say at 1.5x speed, you can download it from the vimeo site (here's where you download it from).

Here's the transcript:

Icelandic gems: Lovin' the lava

On Vagablond Views

At first I was amazed that lava jewelry was a "thing." Little nuggets of roadside gravel wrapped in gold and silver? What a concept.

I get the appeal of semi-precious stones, and think, in many ways, they're more appealing than overpriced diamonds and other expensive gems. But when an island is made up entirely of a substance (hardened magma) that is then lovingly crafted into rings and things and placed in upscale storefront windows with a hefty price tag….??

Well, visitors to Iceland have voted with their pocketbooks, and lava jewelry gets a big thumbs up. It's a great conversation starter wherever you wear it, and gives you a chance to rave on about your recent visit. It's made by local craftspeople, so it helps the Icelandic economy. And no indigenous people were enslaved to toil in inhumane conditions to mine these "gems." You can pick them up at the side of the road virtually anywhere. Lava is natural, sustainable, and unique.

Only the lumpy lava is Icelandic.

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