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Podcast Interview: Jim Hopkinson of WIRED

Daniel Odio gives tips and tricks for entrepreneurs!

Click to listen to "Episode 65: Interview Part 1" and click to listen to "Episode 66: Interview Part 2"

Jim Hopkinson, Wired.com's Marketing Guy and creator ofThe Hopkinson Report, recently interviewed me for his Hopkinson Report podcast. Here's a Tweet of Jim's about the Podcast, and another one about my social media hardware bag and another on my blog posting about how to hire people effectively.

Here is a transcript of the Podcasts

"You always reverse-engineer. Always."

On Linus Rylander

Despite all the advice to "never underestimate people's intelligence" -- it's pretty hard not to.

If you ask me to summarize all the things I teach, I feel it basically boils down to "Stop being a dumbass."

In the past when mapping out new business ideas and strategies and plans, I wanted to have everything in place before getting started. Especially back-end offers.

I was, and still am, firmly aware that the person with the best back end strategy will win in business.

If you can spend more money to get a customer than your competitor can, you'll win every time.

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